About Us

Market research you can count on!

Wall Street Insider provides reliable market research data through a vast network of independent analysts and brokers paid to find, analyze and report on only the best investment opportunities out there, suitable for our loyal base of private and corporate subscribers.

Founded in 2003, The Wall Street Insider was primary formed as a closed circle of professional investors and market researchers, combining sources, knowledge and experience in order to share and collectively benefit from potentially profitable research within the group.

Each member initially contributed key data from financial records, discounted cashflow analysis, economic data reports, company asset data, earnings reports, revenue data, expenses, expected future profits and sensitive market information. They also looked at the metrics on a company’s financial statements such as balance sheets, income sheets and relevant footnotes.

However, more often than not, a report that is made public is considered old news, also available to every other analyst and investor in the world, i.e. public knowledge. This is one of the reasons we developed a slightly different approach by using our own models to identify future events.

One of the main ingredients to our success is we dig deeper, to find out information other analysts don’t know about yet. Our team spends hours each day, corresponding with valuable contacts in the business, calling the top executives at target companies, to try and get any hints as to what may be happening behind the scenes.

Once we get our hands on information that could potentially cause a share price to rise, we assign more researchers to work relentlessly until we find required key information to turn this company into a #1 Stock Pick.