Institutional Research

For more than 15 years, the Wall Street Insider has supported a wide spectrum of institutions with valuable market research and strategic analysis, many of which have been growing in size dramatically over the past decade.

We understand that each organization is committed to its own unique mission, and this is why our institutional operations are designed with the core values of your organization in mind, taking full advantage of identified market opportunities to meet specific needs.

In general, we provide customized and informative data for clients outsourcing parts of their trading operations. We also supply advanced research and analysis mainly geared towards managing downside risk more effectively, a service high in demand for many of the institutions seeking our assistance.

Apart from strategic risk management, we offer institutional investors a range of new angles including access to our extensive network of relationships throughout financial markets globally.

With a customized approach to each opportunity we bring forward, most institutions can benefit significantly from our services.

Special thanks to Robert Dowden of Bank of America and Elliot Jackson of Giarca Capital as contributors to our institutional research team.

For information on institutional trading strategies, service plans, and more, we ask you to contact us directly at