Portfolio Analysis

We are now offering a new Portfolio Analysis service that is intended for investors who manage their own accounts, or who have limited investment choices and are in need of someone to give a one-time review of their portfolio holdings.

A Wall Street Insider analyst can put together a thorough review of the holdings in your portfolio and its asset allocation. This would be a one-time fee without having to pay any ongoing management charges.

You will receive a personalized written analysis of each product in your existing portfolio or a suggested group of assets for a new portfolio. Each analysis is backed up with independent research on your holdings and a detailed rating of your investments. Each asset in your portfolio is analyzed not only in relation to how they perform relative to their benchmarks, but also as to how they fit into your risk tolerance and investment goals.

We will give each stock a precise price target, and rate each asset on our highly valued scale of 1 to 10.

The Portfolio Analysis service starts at $275, and goes up depending on how complex your portfolio is. A price quote will be given in advance once we see the assets to be analyzed. To obtain a quote, send us an email detailing the holdings of your portfolio. It could be a copy of your latest portfolio statement, or you can simply list the name, ticker symbol, and quantity of each asset.

Once we receive the copy, one of our highly trained analysts will call you to ask any questions that could be important to the analysis. All information received, of course, is held in the strictest of confidence.

Take advantage of our market research expertise to compare!