There are many important factors you’ll need to consider before taking a position in today’s markets, such as past performance, analyst ratings, recent news, market trends and/or annual reports. However, the real key to successful investing is information, wether it would be:


  • Information about a company’s upcoming financial results.
  • Information about what company is next to being bought out.
  • Information about upcoming FDA announcements.


Without information, picking stocks is a bit like throwing darts. Nevertheless, with access to privileged information chances of success improve exponentially.

Most people aren’t missing out because they’re lacking fundamental knowledge, but because they’re simply not tapped into the world of privileged information.

So how do we get access to valuable information and how do we find these big winners?


The Wall Street Insider has access to information through it’s vast network of analysts and traders, some with more than 30 years of experience from the financial industry. Active professionals within our network spend countless of hours on the phone, interacting with directors and key staff of interesting companies, brokers, researchers, accountants and fund managers, anyone with access to valuable information!



Sometimes even a low– or mid-end manager of a corporation has little tidbits of information that eventually could be of high value.



In essence, we strive to gather valuable intel in order to connect the dots. This allows us to see the bigger picture before the everyone else does. Information gathered is kept within our network and used to maximize potential returns in a timely manner, wether this would be from forecasted market-reactions or upcoming trends.


Let’s use a corporate takeover as an example.

In a typical takeover, the share price of a company could increase by as much as 50-200%. Let’s say we hear Company A is looking to buy out a smaller competitor. We call our sources in an attempt to find clues helping us identify the target company. As we narrow down our search, we often spot the takeover candidate. If we hear that Company A is willing to pay up to $10 per share for the relevant company, currently valued at $5, we have successfully identified a potential opportunity.



Each opportunity is carefully weighed and measured, based on categories such as risk, accessibility, timing and realistic returns. Only the absolute best opportunities are classified as #1 Stock Picks, potentially yielding up to 500% on the principal!

In the past 15 years we’ve been able to generate up to eight #1 Stock Picks annually, a fairly high number taking into account our low tolerance to risk. We simply don’t expose investors to unnecessary risks.