2023 Portfolio 9-Month Performance

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival. Hope that you are (or will be) having a great time with your loved ones.

Today is also the last trading day of September, so here’s my report on my portfolio’s 9-month performance.

A concern of higher rate for longer time has punished the market over the past week. To be honest, I was surprised by the market’s reaction as I thought what the FED shared was expected. Apparently not. Maybe it was an excuse for some to offload their positions.

In any case, that’s beyond my control.

What I can control is how I manage my portfolio. After 9 months this year, it achieved a 3.9% return. Really duh right? Especially when the latest T-bill yield jumped to 4.07%!

Image from https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/

Oh well, I am confident that the longer term return of my portfolio will still beat T-bills or Singapore Savings Bonds.

Review of Performance

I am grateful that despite the current weakness in the stock market, it has managed to stay in the green. In the following video, I will be sharing

  • my top 10 holdings
  • my narrative behind the numbers
  • 9-month dividend trend
  • top 5 and bottom 5 performers

Wishing you a happy and peaceful final quarter of the year, and may it be filled with lots of good fortune!

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