2023Q3 Scorecard III: AAPL, ANET, INMD, SHOP & TSCO

Taking a break from the local scene, I am going to share my brief take on the latest quarterly results of my top 5 US counters: Apple, Arista Networks, InMode, Shopify and Tractor Supply.

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In short, I am pleased with the performance. Arista Networks and Inmode continue to impress me with their performance. Apple’s growth might seem to have stalled but it’s still much higher than pre-pandemic level. With a large installed base and continued growth in service, they might still surprise us going forward. Shopify in free cashflow positive for 3 consecutive quarters. With the recent selling of logistics segment, harder to make sense of their number but still confident of its long term growth. Finally, Tractor Supply facing some headwind now but still growing. Not sure how its real estate strategy will pan out.

Links to companies presentation/results

Arista Networks
Tractor Supply

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