A new investment portal: FundFlicks

A few months ago, a start up contacted me to write exclusive articles for their new investment portal. They aim to be a one-stop platform connecting writers and readers with a shared interest in company outlooks and business valuations. The project sounded interesting and I decided to give it a try.

After months of preparation, they finally did a soft launch of their portal FundFlicks! Browsing through the pages, you can find quite a variation of articles on it. From analysis of companies (SG and US) to REITs to other finance instruments such as Singapore Savings Bonds and T-Bills.

You could also find some familiar names on their list of writers on their about page. Besides articles, you can also access companies information such as their yearly income statements, balance sheet and cashflow from the Company Profile page.

What I like is that there is also Earning Call Transcript (more for US companies)! This is an important resource for me as I would like to hear (ok read) from the management when they shared the companies’ quarterly results.

The Stock Screener is probably still work in progress and I do not know how it works. There are still some other small issues here and there, such as the format of the articles and transcripts which make it not so easy to read. However, this is just the first version and I am sure the team will work on them and the portal would become better in time to come.

This new kid on the block is definitely worth exploring. Do take a look and if you have any queries or suggestions, you can contact them directly.

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