A year of coffee paid with cash back

A cup of coffee – that’s the typical start of my day. While the humble coffee does not cost much per cup, it does add up over the year. So it does feel good when I see that the cash back from UOB One card, more or less pay for my Nespresso this quarter.

In the past, I did not always get the rebate as you need to spend at least $500 per month for the quarter to qualify. But nowadays with most payments going digital,I can pay my groceries and even hawker food with my card (through linking with Fairprice app). And by using UOB One card as my main card, spending $500 monthly on the card is a lot easier. Inflation probably plays a part too and it’s now even possible to hit the $1000 monthly mark.

Not forgetting the EIR of 3.0% that I am getting from UOB One account after setting up the 3 GIRO payments. Yes, it was a bit troublesome but it’s a one-off event.

Are you making full use of your UOB One account and card?


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