Added ParkwayLife REIT, Venture and UOB

Last week, Mr Market jacked up the price for UOB and Venture and I decided to hold on to the purchase. Interestingly, the community at InvestingNote was only slightly skewed towards waiting for a better price.

The price continued to increase along the week before dropping on Friday. This morning, the price continues to weaken and is back to the level that I had wanted to buy initially. So I decided to press the buy button and I could even squeeze in a lot of ParkwayLife REIT.

Obviously, whether I bought it today or any time last week really does not matter in two to three years time. However, I am just human and still enjoy the little joy of buying something good at a cheaper price.

With the above purchase, I am out of ammo again.

Earning period is just round the corner.

Hopefully, can hear some good news from my counters!

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