Bidding for latest T-bill at 3.80% with CPF

Over the past two weeks, I missed a few buys. Was tempted by AEM when it went below $3.10 but I was hopping that it can go below $3.00. Before I know it, it reversed direction and at the end of today’s session, it’s already trading at $3.66. Yesterday, Parkwaylife plunged to $3.59 during the closing few minutes. With little cash to deploy after my buys in May, I was considering if I should buy with my CPF. In that few hours of consideration, it has gone above $3.7!

Oh well, sometimes things are just not meant to be.

In any case, I turned my attention back to T-bills and decided to try competitive bid for the fist time. It’s good that now we can use internet banking to buy T-bills with CPF! It is really convenient and I completed my transactions within 5 minutes. I remembered I waited for more than 3 hours at the branch last year to place my order!

Why 3.80%?

No particular reason except that the cut-off yield has hovered around that over the past few issues. And given that there is an issue every fortnight, I think I stand a good chance of getting a yield that is above 3.80% in the next few months.


My cash placement actually matured last month. I am just going to hold on to that cash for another month or two and see if any good deals will emerge from the stock market.


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