Could not resist the 7/7 Sale

During 7/7 sale yesterday, my missus was shopping for milk powder, insect repellant and others on Qoo10. Sitting opposite her, I was looking at another sale.

The one on the stock market. There is so much to buy but I have limited fund. To satisfy my craving, I finally checked out the following items in my cart.

With my position of OCBC kept increasing over the last 2 months, I am starting to feel a bit jittery. It is taking up about 10% of my portfolio now and has displaced Parkwaylife REIT as the #1 holding since my last buy.

If I am right with my thinking as written in this post “Buy in May and Go Away”, then all will be good. On the other hand, I might be over optimistic about their performance and if the 1H results that is to be announced on 4 August did not turn out as my expectation, then that will have impact on my portfolio in the short term.

With that in mind, I decided that I have enough exposure to OCBC in my portfolio for the moment. Also, since I am funding my purchase using CPF, I needed to be mindful of my available stock limit. I have intention to add more AEM and Micro-Mechanics (they were not on sale yesterday!), so I need to set aside that amount of CPF for my future purchase.

In the same post “Buy in May and Go Away”, I have also written that I am confident that Venture will be able to sustain their dividend, despite their weaker Q1 results. Assuming I am right, then that will give me a yield of 5.2% for this financial year.

Finally, Mapletree Logistics Trust has managed their expenses quite well and was able to sustain its dividend in the last quarter.

Given the current headwind, that might not be the case for the upcoming financial year. However, even if there is a drop in dividend, I am not foreseeing a large decline. Hence, I thought it would be nice to beef up my position at the current price as I am positive of its longer term performance.

Why not add more on Mapletree Industrial Trust or Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust?

They are definitely attractive too at the current price. However, I have a much larger position on both counters. The amount I invested in each of these two counters over the years is almost double that on Mapletree Logistic Trust. Hence, I wanted MLT a bit more this time round.

Have you bought anything yesterday?

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