Getting a little Adrenaline Rush in US Market

If Singapore market is too boring for you, you can always get a little adrenaline rush in US market. At the beginning of the year, I shared how Novocure went up by 68% in a day and last night it plummeted by 43%!

Novocure is a speculative play on the potential of the deployment of its Tumour Treating Fields (TTF) beyond glioblastoma and mesothelioma. After buying small stakes in 2021, I have largely ignored it until last week when I double my share count. Talk about timing!

The spike and plummet in price are both due to the late-stage data TTFields therapy for non-small cell lung cancer. Spiked due to announcement of its study meeting the primary overall survival end point in January and plummeted due to concern of its commercialisation after the posting of the data yesterday.

Again, such price movements show that there are many players in the market with different game plans. Personally, I thought the 68% spike was over optimistic and similarly I felt the 43% drop was over pessimistic.

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Looking the Novocure’s clinical pipeline, I continue to stay positive of the group’s mid to long term outlook. Based on their projection, the late stage pipelines offer 14x current market opportunity.

I have wanted to double down again at this price but decided that since this is a speculative position, I should just keep to what I have for the moment. Based on cost, it takes up about 1% of my portfolio.

If you would like to find out more about the company, you can access the company’s presentation here.


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