Gratitude and Pay It Forward

I would like to thank all of you, especially repeated visitors, for taking your time to read my rambling on investing and personal finance matters. Some of you would know me in person but most of you know me just as TFI from InvestingNote, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. You might also come across my blog from WordPress reader, Singapore Investment Bloggers or links from other investment bloggers.

No matter how you landed here, thank you for your support. Your views and your likes encourage me to continue sharing. I can imagine if no one read what I wrote, I would probably not write as much.

More than 120 posts this year! That’s 10 posts a month, about 3 times the past years’ number! Of course, I had more time this year but I never imagine that I have so much to talk about. This is very different to the real person who is a quiet introvert (haha, some of you would disagree to that).


That’s the real motivation?

Yes and no.

I do enjoy writing and it is fulfilling when some of my content benefitted some readers. As an educator for more than 2 decades, it’s just part of me to enjoy learning together. Nothing is more satisfying when someone said that they learnt something from me.

Having said that, I do want to know how much this endeavour can bring in. And it’s really not a lot! At least for the moment, as I continue to explore (slowly) how to improve my content, enlarge my audience pool and find other avenue for revenue.

The advertisement revenue is only paltry US$40 for the year, which can’t even cover my subscription! Successful You-tubers probably earn a lot more but the amount of effort is tremendous. Nonetheless, I am grateful for this experience and now know how hard it could be to earn as a content creator.

I am also grateful for the monetary support from the recent donations by reit-tirement and dreamer1213 and the collaboration with Fundflicks to write a few articles.

Pay It Forward

It’s not a lot but every little bit counts. So all proceeds received above were donated via last night. For this year, I decided to support the following organisations.

To all readers of my blog, I hope you would also support the cause that resonated with you.

Once again, thank you for your support this year.

Enjoy the remaining two weeks of 2023!

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