Petty Cash

There are numerous ways to earn small money with little effort. Some examples include credit card cash back, rewards card and welcome promotion. It does require a bit of effort, such as opening and linking the accounts but most of them are one-off, and once you are done with that you can get some kopi money flowing in occasionally.

Having said that, being an almost young senior now, I like to have less accounts in my life. So in this post, I will share some of the things I do to earn petty cash. Most of you would have heard about them and probably had an account with them. But if you don’t and you find them interesting, I would appreciate it if you could use my referral (if any) to sign up for it.

In the past, I used to hold quite a number of credit cards for their different rewards. Now I am left with a few, with UOB One as my main credit card. Besides earning the 3.0% interest on my UOB One account by spending $500 per month and having 3 GIRO payments, there’s the 3.33% cash back on all retail spend.

With payments going digital, I have found it easier to get the rebate. I have linked my card to the Fairprice App, so I am now paying what I bought from NTUC and Kopitiam with this card. Not forgetting using the same card on Shopee and Qoo10 and all these one-off linking help me to hit the spending level consistently without increased spending.

Trust Bank (referral code: 1X9DDP1V)

I wasn’t among the first to open a Trust Bank account last year. I finally opened it by using my brother’s referral code and in total received $35 Fairprice voucher for opening an account.

That’s quite good deal. So if you have not open one, you can use my referral code (1X9DDP1V) to apply for an account and each of us would get $10 Fairprice voucher (for September 2023, the referrer would get $20 voucher)

While I don’t use it that often, it has some nice coupons and stamp cards that I have used in this year. An example was $6 coupon for ESSO pump, on top of the 18.16% discount. Also, as seen from the image above, current stamp cards include CRAVE, PEZZO and Koi. These are outlets that I do visit, so I definitely benefitted from it.

Many years ago, I participated as a lender in SGX Securities Lending programme. Before you can lend out securities, your holdings must meet one of the following thresholds:

  • for a security priced $1 or below, you must own a minimum of 10,000 units of that security
  • for a security priced more than $1, you must own a minimum of $10,000 in value of that security

I do not know how their algorithm works and thus far I only had a few occasions in which my shares have been loaned out. A counter that is still on loan since December 2021 is iFAST. I think the person who borrow the shares is making money since iFAST share price has dropped significantly since then. As for me, I am getting about $20 per month for this loan. So definitely a win-win.

Back in April, I took part Webull fund ANY amount promotion and received 5 fractional shares of TSLA worth US$50. Luckily for me, TSLA shares appreciated and I finally cashed it out last month, receiving $110 in return. Not bad for simply opening an account and funding $1.

The fund any amount promotion is back, from 8 Sep till 28 Sep. If you are interested in this promotion, you can use my referral link

To be honest, besides cashing out on the free shares, I have not use the platform. The platform is quite easy to use but since I am happy with using FSMOne for my US portfolio, I do not want to deal with another account. If you are into trading, options and fractional shares, then Webull could be a suitable platform for you.

Oh if you are already on StocksCafe, you should sign up using the referral link from StocksCafe as you will then get the same promotion for Webull + 1 year of Global Friend of StocksCafe subscription (worth SGD 45).

Finally, if you want to sign up for StocksCafe, you can do so using my StocksCafe referral link

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