Nvidia CEO tells graduates: Take advantage of AI or get left behind

“While some worry that AI may take their jobs, someone who’s expert with AI will.”

Those were the words of Nvidia Corp. founder and Chief Executive Jensen Huang on Saturday, as he gave the commencement address at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Huang told graduates that businesses and individuals alike need to become familiar with artificial intelligence or risk missing out.

“Agile companies will take advantage of AI and boost their position. Companies less so will perish,” he said, according to media reports. “While some worry that AI may take their jobs, someone who’s expert with AI will.”

Last week, Nvidia stock

roared more than 25% higher after a blowout earnings report that predicted a big jump in quarterly revenue, thanks to a boom in chips it sells for AI. Nvidia shares neared an all-time high Friday, as the company closed in on a $1 trillion valuation.

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In his speech Saturday, Huang urged graduates to seize opportunities, but also embrace the inevitable failures they will encounter.

“In 40 years, we created the PC, internet, mobile, cloud and now the AI era. What will you create? Whatever it is, run after it like we did. Run, don’t walk,” Huang said. “Either you are running for food, or you are running from becoming food.”

Huang cited his own company’s early stumbles. “At Nvidia, I experienced failures — great big ones. All humiliating and embarrassing. Many nearly doomed us…. Confronting our mistake and, with humility, asking for help, saved Nvidia.”

Calling 2023 “a perfect year to graduate,” Huang likened the AI revolution to “the rebirth of the computer industry.”

“AI has opened immense opportunities,” he said, telling graduates they must “take advantage of AI and do amazing things with an AI copilot by your side.”

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