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The bulls finally control the stock market and the signs point higher

Large-caps are plowing ahead and leading the way. S&P 500 chart offers little resistance until 4650. Read More

Why there’s a 2-in-3 chance that U.S. stocks will be higher in December

A positive second-half return for the Dow is likely in any given year, regardless of market valuation. Read More

VIX just keeps getting harder to find. Low market volatility is music to stock investors.

Trading activity should be calm for several more months, writes Mark Hulbert. Read More

The bull market has left these 20 companies behind, but they are primed for growth

Starbucks, Cigna and Enphase are among the companies expected to have strong sales through 2025 — even though they’ve been left out of the S&P 500’s 8-month rally. Read More

Bank of America execs blew $93.6 billion. Here’s how they did it.

It’s time for companies and analysts to stop calling stock buybacks a “return of capital” to shareholders. Read More

Here are some ETFs State Street likes with recession worries, Fed rate hikes in focus

State Street’s Michael Arone on his midyear ETF market outlook. Read More

Here’s a big reason you can expect bonds to start outperforming stocks

Above-average real U.S. interest rates are bullish for bond investors. Read More

This AI-powered stock portfolio beat the S&P 500 and left market pros in the dust

AI may not replace human traders yet, but it can still cause major market distruptions. Safeguards are needed. Read More

How will AI affect stocks of semiconductor companies? Here are the 18 expected to grow their sales most quickly.

Now that Nvidia’s shocking sales guidance is baked into industry estimates, here are the chip makers expected to show the most rapid sales growth through 2025. Read More

Lying about using and abusing money can be worse than the debt and losses

Admitting what you’ve done — the decisions you’ve made and the losses you’ve incurred — can sting. Read More

Before hiring a financial planner, catch them off-guard with ‘aha’ questions that extract revealing answers

6 probing questions that advisers don’t often hear. Read More

Patience can pay off tremendously for investors in the stock market. Here’s how one fund manager does it.

The Needham Aggressive Growth Fund focuses on small and midsize companies but also counts Apple among its largest holdings, having bought the stock in 2006. Read More

5 investing tips from an Olympic gold medalist whose growth fund regularly beats the market

Outperforming Eaton Vance fund succeeds with a long-term focus and concentrated stock positions. Read More

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