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Bears are knocking at the door but bulls still hold the key to this stock market

U.S. stocks are in a downtrend and more sell signals are appearing. Read More

This bond fund has many advantages in the current market and pays high dividends

The River Canyon Total Return Bond Fund is able to use strategies employed by hedge funds, but without any restrictions on the timing or size of withdrawals. Read More

This bull market isn’t finished yet, but stocks could lose up to 10% from here

Strategist Hayes Martin: ‘Be prepared for a more severe intermediate pullback.’ Read More

Risky high-yield ‘junk’ bonds aren’t priced like junk — and that’s a problem

The yield spread between Treasurys and junk bonds suggests that junk-bond investors aren’t worried about recession. Read More

These 20 dividend stocks have been the best income growers in the S&P 500

Rather than focusing on high current dividend yields, you might build an income stream for retirement by holding stocks over the long term as payouts increase. Read More

Why AI-generated stock picks won’t beat the market

AI can’t know more than the market knows. The best it can hope to do is to match the market over the long term. Read More

Now’s the time to own dividend-paying stocks. These 5 offer up to a 9% yield.

Over the long run, 40% of stock-market gains come from dividends. Read More

The stock market doesn’t care about your political beliefs. This is what matters instead.

There are ETFs that cater to investors of particular political affiliations. Are they worth it? Read More

Stock screen spotlights 20 companies whose 2024 earnings estimates have risen most sharply

The list with soaring profit expectations for next year includes Nvidia, Caterpillar and Meta. Read More

George Soros loads up on AI stocks like Microsoft and Meta, while shedding Salesforce

George Soros loaded up on OpenAI backer Microsoft while increasing his Meta Platforms stake. Read More

What if Social Security didn’t exist?

An appreciation of the role it plays in retirement finance. Read More

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