What is the Best Investing Strategy by The Joyful Investors

Not sure about you but when I was studying, there will always be someone who did beautiful notes that I would like to have a copy. And most of the time the person belong to the fair sex. Even when I was teaching, at times I would share (with permission) my female colleague’s or students’ mind maps with my classes for their reference.

The video “What is the Best Investing Strategy” by The Joyful Investors is one resource that is worth watching and sharing. Not only was the video beautifully done, it is informative and shares on the different types of investment strategies, highlighting their pros and cons. Definitely useful for beginner investors to understand the different types of strategies, but even for experience investor like me, I learnt something new.

Part 2 talks about choosing the investing strategies. This is where I find that we are on the same page where determining the financial goal is the first question we need to ask ourselves, before deciding on the strategies for us to reach the goal. I like the illustrations provided and shows why context is so important in deciding the correct instruments to use. So no point arguing endlessly which strategy is better unless we know the context.

Enjoy the videos. Enjoy the learning.

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