Portfolio Update June 2024

After 15 buys and 5 sells over the last 2 months, this is the latest portfolio.

Despite the transactions, the top ten counters remains largely unchanged as compared to a quarter ago. There are more changes when compared to the portfolio a year ago.

The strong becomes stronger

The top ten counters now account for 65% of the portfolio, an increase of 5%, compared to a year ago. Two main reasons that resulted in this: capital appreciation and capital injection.

With the strong growth reported by both Arista Networks and iFAST over the past year, their share prices were on a northward trajectory.

As for the banks, they have benefitted from the rising net interest income, resulting in record earnings. They have also declared higher dividends. Hence, the share price rose accordingly.

Only four out of my ten top counters show an increase in price. However, the jump in price for Arista Networks and iFAST is substantial and that more than make up for the sluggish performance of my top three REITs and Venture.

Regular readers will know that I am a Liverpool fan. And similar to Liverpool, which doesn’t have endless funds, I can only reinvest what I recoup from other investments.

CFA was added after I sold my unit trusts which I had invested in CPFOA. It also allowed me to add more OCBC. There were other adjustments, such as shifting my investment in The Hour Glass from cash account to CPF account and paring down my stake in Raffles Medical. These moves allowed me to add more DBS.

Finally, spending less than what I budgeted last year, free up some money to add on various counters.

Year-on-Year return?

I typically do not track year-on-year return during the mid-year review. However, the thought popped up when I was drafting this post. So I decided to take a look at the data in StocksCafe (referral code: TFI).

A 14.5% return over the past year is quite good! Better than what I was expecting, and exceeding my annual goal of 10%. Looking at the sub-portfolio, SG portfolio lags ES3 slightly and US portfolio has outperformed SPY.

I am satisfied with what I am seeing.

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