Sold CLAR to buy UOB and Venture but …….

Mr Market is suddenly feeling happy again!?!?

I don’t really have anything against CapitalandAscendas REIT (CLAR). I simply like UOB and Venture a lot more. So given the good offer over the past week, I decided to do the switch.

I sold CLAR yesterday but just could not bear to press the buy button as both counters were holding out well against a lacklustre market. Looks like there is no chance to buy today too as there is no 10/10 sale.

The consolation is FSM Auto-sweep account offers an interest of 3.24% currently. So I can afford to wait a while for Mr Market to change his mood again.

Back to the selling of CLAR.

I asked myself (after selling), “Why did I not sell my other counters instead?”

Looking through my portfolio, it could be that I have less affinity towards CLAR. Excluding the two new counters that I bought recently, I know relative less about it as compared to other counters. Even though I had CLAR for more than 3 years, I just did not bother myself much with it. It could also be because I did not attend the AGM (not even the virtual one), so I do not have quite an impression of the management. It was also only when I was reviewing the sustainability of dividends from my REITs, that I realised Capitaland seems to rotate their CEO more frequently.

The sell decision definitely was not entirely objective but I am perfectly fine with it.

As for UOB and Venture, there is noting new that I wanted to add. If you have missed my earlier post or video, you can watch it below on why I am confidence that they can sustain their dividends for the next few years.

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