CleanCore Solutions files for IPO

CleanCore Solutions has filed for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Omaha, Neb.-based maker of cleaning products said Tuesday it would offer 1.5 million shares of Class B common stock, priced between $4 and $6 a share.

The company expects net proceeds of about $6.1 million based on the assumed price of $5, which it plans to use for paying down debt, research and development and for general corporate purposes.

CleanCore will apply to list on the New York Stock Exchange American under an unspecified ticker.

The company produces enhanced aqueous ozone solution, which has ozone gas infused into it and can be used for cleaning.

In the year ended June 30, CleanCore reported $2.65 million in revenue and a loss of $541,611.

CleanCore Chief Executive and Chairman Matthew Atkinson controls all of the outstanding Class A common stock, which has 10 votes per share. Large shareholders of Class B common stock include Lisa Roskens of Burlington Capital and Clayton Adams, one of the company’s founders.

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